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Your Guarantee
• 30-Day Trial
• One-Year Protection
Against Defects

Try The Mat-A-Door® elevator pads for a month. If it isn't all we say it is and more, send it back and we'll refund your money - no questions asked. If your Mat-A-Door® fails due to a manufacturer's defect during the first year, we'll fix it free of charge. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Save The Planet
Mat-A-Doors® are reusable and long-lasting. Built-in sustainability ensures continued use will have no long-term effect on the environment.

When passenger elevators are pressed into service carrying freight, The Mat-A-Door® prevents damage caused by inevitable bumps and bangs.

Suction cups securely hold The Mat-A-Door® to elevator jambs protecting lobby-side entrances.

Adjustable® straps wrap around entrance doors to securely hold
The Mat-A-Door® in place

Fits both glass doors or metal frames with glass inserts.

Use The Mat-A-Door® during refurbishing projects to prevent damage to interior office doors.