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Your Guarantee
• 30-Day Trial
• One-Year Protection
Against Defects

Try The Mat-A-Door® elevator pads for a month. If it isn't all we say it is and more, send it back and we'll refund your money - no questions asked. If your Mat-A-Door® fails due to a manufacturer's defect during the first year, we'll fix it free of charge. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Save The Planet
Mat-A-Doors® are reusable and long-lasting. Built-in sustainability ensures continued use will have no long-term effect on the environment.

“Your Mat-A-Doors are terrific! Your latest inventions have thrust us into the limelight . . . just what the doctor ordered in our very competitive Virginia/DC market. Building managers love our
Mat-A-Doors and are recommending us
to their tenants.”

Rocco Balsamo
Commercial Services, JK Moving & Storage
Sterling, VA

"The Mat-A-Doors are going down brilliantly, the guys think they are great and very simple to install - and our clients just love them."

Rachel Houghton
Business Moves, Ltd.
Berkshire, England

"They're working very well, we use them everyday, they're beautiful and everyone loves them."

Najib Mohammed
Manager of Engineering Services, Washington Convention Center
Washington D.C.


Just unfold your Mat-A-Door® elevator pads and press the suction cups against the frame. For nonporous frame surfaces, smear a little glycerin on the suction cups first. For porous frame surfaces, use a wad of poster putty on suction cups.
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If you could turn back the clock,
this dented elevator frame would look like this.

End the maddening damage cycle.
Contractors work in your building.
Tenants complain about building damage.
Waste time getting repair bids.
High repair costs impact your operating budget.
Start over again.